And at the Study Center…

This past week, Shabbat ended at 7:20pm here in Israel.  Therefore, we were able to meet at our Study Center at 8:00 pm for study, instead of Sunday evening.  We will keep this schedule until next summer.

Because of the change, we were able to have Havdallah again, which is a nice, short ceremony to end the Sabbath and bring in the new week.

At our meetings, we begin with prayer.  We then have the Havdallah service, followed by a teaching by Michael, who does some teaching at our study center, on the Parasha, which was Ki Tavo (Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8).  Then Baruch continued his teaching in the book of Luke in chapter 16.

This week we had a visitor and we also handed out the new Discipleship Manual and 1335Kingdom books.  Everyone is very excited to read and study them.

We appreciate your prayers for the people we meet and study with here in Israel!

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