And Continuing on to Cluj, Romania!

VIA Church, Cluj.

How nice it was for us to be in Cluj, Romania again! We always enjoy visiting again and reconnecting with many friends. We also had the joy of meeting a couple of our translators in person for the first time. Our French translator, Willy, made the trip from Paris to be with us. His presence uplifted our entire group. :). We also had the great pleasure of meeting Sara. She is one of our Romanian translators and she does an excellent job.

One of the special friends I was happy to see in Cluj was Ruchama. I met her about 4 years ago in another city and she was so sweet to track me down and we have kept in touch since.

Also joining us for most of the trip was our Romanian translator, Alexandra. It was so nice to get to know her and also her mother. These types of meetings, friendships and times of fellowship have added so much to our lives and we truly cherish them. They give us a greater connection to the country, to the people, and to the body of believers there.

We have had a close friendship with Rei, the pastor of VIA church and also with their more recent co-pastor Teo. These 2 men have great integrity and respect amongst all of the Romanians we have met and we are honored to know them both. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Teo.

With Rei, from VIA church.

The next day, Baruch went to the Credo TV studios to tape episodes of our television program and to tape and interview. We appreciate the people at Credo TV.

In the evening, we went to Manastur Church in Cluj. The first people we met in Romania are part of this church and we love them very much.

3 thoughts on “And Continuing on to Cluj, Romania!”

  1. what a blessing and joy, and thank you for the lovely pictures too! may your days be many and the fruit of your labor abundant! Shalom and safe

  2. Alexandra Dumitru

    I was so happy to spend time with you, and it was a pleasure to meet Willy too. Hope I’ll see you again soon. ❤️

  3. Nina Mirodeanuu

    Thanks for your appreciations. Congrats for your work here, I shared your blog and I hope it will be read by many people. Is a sound teaching, and you are a good example.

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