Announcing: The Biblically Inspired Life


It has been on my mind for awhile to start a website and YouTube channel called “The Biblically Inspired Life”.  Baruch has been encouraging me to move forward with it and I have finally uploaded a couple of videos on my new YouTube channel.  My ultimate goal is to upload 2 videos each week, but it will take me some time to work up to that.

My vision is to provide content which is encouraging and thought-provoking about what it means to implement Scripture into our daily lives in a way which is glorifying to the L-rd.  Baruch and I also plan to work together to film an ongoing series on marriage.

I have not created the website yet, but I will keep you updated as I make progress.  I hope you will check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to it!


4 thoughts on “Announcing: The Biblically Inspired Life”

  1. Dear Rivka, I am awaiting the launch of your website with great excitement and anticipation. It is so beautiful that Baruch has encouraged you in this endeavor and that you will be doing an ongoing series on marriage, together!. I can hardly wait to share both of these ministry outreaches with friends and family.
    How I miss Israel and long to be back there.

    1. Hello Carolyn, thank you for your encouragement! I will get the website set up the beginning of November and work on the videos immediately. I appreciate so much your kind words and look forward to when you can be back in Israel!

  2. Hello Rivka,

    Thank you so much for your marriage Monday studies. My husband and I enjoyed the short study and encouragement. We often need to remember in our day to day busy lives that our marriage is our ministry to our spouse.

    God Bless,


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