Another Deadly Day in Israel

Two terrorist attacks have been carried out today in Israel.  The first one occurred in the South Tel Aviv/Yafo area.  A Palestinian, who had a work permit and worked in Yafo, attacked men who were praying in a synagogue.  Two Jewish men were killed and one wounded.  The Palestinian, who was from the Hevron area, was arrested.

The second terrorist attack took place in the Gush Etzion area.  Gush Etzion is a cluster of Jewish communities which are south and east of Jerusalem.

A Palestinian shot at cars stuck in traffic and then drove around them and crashed into another car.  He was apprehended.  Three people were killed: A 50 year old Israeli, an 18 year old American Jewish Yeshiva boy, and an Arab who was sitting in a car.

Please continue to pray for Israel and all of us as we continue to live our lives and travel to where we need to be.



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