Another Terrorist Attack


Our daughter’s army boots.

I’m sure most of you have heard about the most recent terror attack in Jerusalem. Soldiers, just getting off their bus, were run over by a truck.  Four soldiers were killed.  It is so heartbreaking, and it is on video.  Horrific to see.  A civilian tour guide and 2 soldiers shot the terrorist and killed him.

Please pray for the families of these soldiers.  Our daughter completes her army service the end of this month.  Our greatest worry was when she was traveling to and from her base; and she serves at a border!

3 thoughts on “Another Terrorist Attack”

  1. My Heart breaks and goes out for the families of these victims. May He comfort and strengthen them during this most horrible time. Amen and Amen!
    Israel’s Hope is that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is FAITHFUL and He will do away with their enemies as He promised.
    Your daughter came to my mind when it happened and I Praise Yah she wasn’t there.

  2. We are heartbroken to hear of the latest atrocity against the people of Israel by the forces that seek to destroy her. America loves Israel and all true Christians love the people of Israel. And now that our traitorous Muslim president in hiding Obama and his sorry loser secty of state Kerry will be gone in a week THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER FOR ISRAEL as far as “relations” with the US Go. People of Israel: You have our uncompromised support!

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