Earlier in the week, I needed to go to Ashkelon and decided to walk around a bit while I was there.  The modern city of Ashkelon is located about 50 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.  The current population is approximately 118,000 people.  It is notable for a couple of things:  it has the largest reverse osmosis desalianation plant in the world, it is the center for lacrosse in Israel, and it has some beautiful beaches.

Ashkelon is approximately 12 miles north of Gaza, and therefore does receive rockets now and then.  There is a hospital there which is a frequent target of the “Palestinians” and they are working to build areas which will withstand rocket attacks.

In the Bible, we learn that Ashkelon was one of the five Philistine cities.  The other four were:  Ashdod, Gaza, Gat and Ekron.  We read in Judges 14 that after Samson’s wife told the answer to Samson’s riddle to 30 companions, Samson went down to Ashkelon and slew 30 men and took their spoil.

I think it is important to note that with Samson’s first wife and with Delilah, being married to women who were not spiritually fit for him was his downfall.  As women, we must seek to bless our husbands and as parents we must pray that our children will marry believers, and thus be equally yoked.

We also read in Joshua 13:3 that Ashkelon was given to the Jewish people as an inheritance.  We now see the Jewish people inhabiting this land again and we must pray for Israel’s borders to expand all the way to that which G-d promised.

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