At the Border

Along the Israel-Egypt border.

Yesterday Baruch and I drove along the Israeli border with Egypt.  It is Highway 12 and it doesn’t get a lot of traffic.  On August 18, 2011, there were a series of terrorist attacks along the highway.   The militants first opened fire at an Egged No. 392 bus as it was traveling on Highway 12 in the Negev near Eilat. Several minutes later, a bomb was detonated next to an Israeli army patrol along Israel’s border with Egypt. In a third attack, an anti-tank missile hit a private vehicle, killing four civilians. Eight Israelis – six civilians, one Yamam special unit police sniper and one Golani Brigade soldier—were killed in the multiple-stage attack.

After the attacks, Israel put up additional fencing along the border.  Prior to the attacks, Israel and Egypt had signed an agreement making the Sinai military-free.  After this, they came to an agreement for Egypt to put troops in the Sinai.  And now, this is even more important, as ISIS is in the Sinai.

Today, the 392 bus has resumed its route, but for a while it took a different way.  Our younger daughter went through boot camp in that area and there were no problems.

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