Auschwitz and Birkenau (Part One)

Photos from Birkenau death camp.  Shirt is from Auschwitz.

Friday we traveled about an hour and 15 minutes outside of Krakow, where we reached Auschwitz and Birkenau.  It was about 30 degrees.  It was terrible imagining what people went through there during the Holocaust.  Here I was in a winter coat, with winter clothing on and I was cold.  I could hardly allow myself to think of what it would be like to be imprisoned there without such protection and barely any food.

Two days earlier, we toured Warsaw and learned about life in the ghetto and the progression from discrimination to moving to the ghetto, to total denial of movement and work, and then transport to the death camps.

First we toured Auschwitz.  Here there were Polish army barracks which were taken over. Additional buildings were added because so many people were brought here.  The people were packed into rooms without beds.

We learned that the first people brought to the camp were Polish political prisoners, beginning in 1940.  The Jewish people began arriving in early 1942.  This was part of “the final solution to the Jewish problem.”  The nazis felt that the Jewish people were not dying fast enough in the ghetto and thus began the deportation to Auschwitz.

We know that this type of situation will happen again.  The Bible speaks about persecution and terrible times during the End Times.

Tomorrow we go home to Israel, but I will try to post about Birkenau.  It was so unforgettable.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these posts about your trip Rivkah. What a humbling experience. I have read many books on the Holocaust this year and people ask me why? Why do you want to read such depressing books? Suffering is real, and yes it is sad. But I feel like I need to know. We can glean so much and learn so much from Israel’s history, past and present, and the governments that have influenced and controlled them. I long for the restoration of Israel and the Nations. I love the Jewish people! They are my family in Yeshua. Many Blessings and a safe trip home to Israel!!

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