Australasia Team Leader on Australian Radio

Christian Barrionuevo (L) with Baruch last year in Australia.

Recently, our Australasia Team Leader, Christian Barrionuevo, was interviewed on Vision Radio in Australia. He had the opportunity to talk about Apostasy in the last days and also make listeners aware of He did a great job and below is the link to the radio broadcast.

We appreciate the Barrionuevo family and all they do for and the Kingdom.

We were very disappointed to have to postpone our Australia visit, which was scheduled for next month. Christian, along with his wife Margarita and daughter Vanessa, both of who are also part of the team, are keeping a keen ear to when we will be able to reschedule the events.

As you know, the end times and the events leading up to them are on many people’s minds. I encourage you to make use of the videos by Baruch to help you to provide answers to those who are distressed and confused by these times.

We have conveniently put together 4 videos in a download set for purchase. Here is the link to “Understanding the Last Days”:

These videos are available for free on YouTube, but several people have asked to have them in a download set.

1 thought on “Australasia Team Leader on Australian Radio”

  1. Dios los bendiga. Segun lo que he podido escuchar de Baruch Korman las mujeres no tienen los mismos derecho que los hombres . Yo he pertenecido al concilio Pentecostal MI por mucho tiempo desde 1978 y segun lo que oi no es el sacrificio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo solo para ser salvo hacedtandolo . Pero para poder ser salvo tambien debemos adtenernos de siertos alimentos?

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