Back in the Land


Baruch and I returned home safely today, thankful for getting the next set of Hebrews lessons taped in Romania.

Today Baruch had a meeting with a friend who works in outreach as well and then he taped a Genesis video.  We are very grateful for all of the positive comments and encouragement concerning these teachings.

Tomorrow Baruch has more taping to do and then we will enjoy Shabbat.  Saturday night, as usual, we will have our study at the Study Center and then our “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream.

Sunday, we leave for Singapore, where Baruch will be teaching a short course on prophecy at a Bible School.  This will be a new opening for and we want to maximize the exposure in Asia.  Our television show is broadcast throughout Asia on Daystar and GOD TV.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Land”

  1. John Wayne Adkins

    I love Baurach’s teachings he’s the best I’ve ever heard. , I tape his every show so I don’t miss him.

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