Beautiful Day in Israel


Glad to be home!

Last night we had our regular Saturday night study.  We started with the Luke passages leading up to and including Passover.  Baruch brought out the point that beginning in verse 24, right after Yeshua told His disciples that He was going to die, the disciples’ response was to discuss who would be the greatest among them.  Can you imagine?  The Person you have followed and dedicated your life to has just told you He is going to die and you aren’t sad, but rather concerned about who will take His place?  And then, what is even more striking is that right after this takes place, Yeshua talks about them eating and drinking at His table in His kingdom, and that the disciples will sit on the thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel!

We can understand this after we consider that Yeshua knew that the Holy Spirit would come indwell them and lead them and that they would follow Him fuller.

In verses 31 and 32, we learn that Satan will sift them like wheat (scatter and separate them) and that they will come together and strengthen their brothers.  The disciples had not been called brothers before this.  This is to emphasize the unity which would take place among the body of believers through the Holy Spirit.  My how we fall short!  There are so many factions between believers today and see who benefits from this!  Satan.  I am not talking about joining together with those who “preach a different Gospel”.  Even among those of similar beliefs, we see people who do not associate together, etc.  This is not right.

Yeshua knows that we will go through trials and hardships.  He did and we will also.  But, He sent the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to live within us to guide us, lead us, and give us strength to get through anything we might encounter.

We were glad to get back with our study group to share Havdallah, pray, sing “Adon Olam” and study Scripture together.

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