Because you’ve asked….

At least once a week, I receive an email asking which translation of the Bible Baruch uses when he teaches.  The answer is:  Greek for New Testament passages and Hebrew for Old Testament passages.  Above and below are pictures of his Greek New Testament.


Baruch has studied the Biblical Languages for many, many years and that is how he is able to teach from these texts.

For those who do not know Greek and Hebrew, there are good English translations.  One needs to realize that when translations are put together, it is done so by a committee. Each member of that committee usually has some theological beliefs they want to get across in the translating, so there is some give and take and compromising when putting the text together.  But do not get discouraged.  The King James Version is still a very good translation, as is Young’s Literal Translation.

3 thoughts on “Because you’ve asked….”

  1. KJV has the problem of lacking 400 years of newer texts as well as newer, more understandable language. Youngs is better.

  2. Michael Pritchard

    Thank you for the insight into the depth of study Baruch brings to us in his teachings. I though my Bible was covered with highlighting in notes, but his is ridiculous!! Meticulous ,rather I should say!
    Thanks for the continued inspiration and hope He brings to us every week on the broadcasts. Best wishes. Michael and Zan Pritchard

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