Beius, Romania

On the way to Beius, Romania.

* We arrived back in Israel on March 31. I am happy to share some of the highlights with you here on the blog.

As we travelled around Romania (and Moldova), we were blessed to be transported safely by our driver Marian. His wife, Mona, is one of our Romanian translators and he ministered to us each day. Thank you Marian!

Marian, our driver, in front, with Team leader George behind him, and Baruch and me in the back.

On our way to Beius, we stopped at a well-known former bauxite mine. Bauxite refineries produce alumina (aluminum oxide), which is used to create aluminum metal. Bauxite is also used to manufacture other industrial products, such as abrasives, cement and chemicals. Marian used to work in a mine and was able to give us a lot of information about mining practices.

When we arrived in Beius, we were surprised by our Hungarian language translator, Samuel. We didn’t know he was coming! He and his mother made a 7 hour trip [each direction!] by bus to meet us. We are so grateful for his dedication and hard work.

With Samuel

Our entire group had a very nice lunch with the associate pastor of Holy Trinity church, where Baruch was to speak that evening.

3 thoughts on “Beius, Romania”

  1. this picture comes to live and i feel like i am there with you in the warm sun….Baruch Hashem, i can virtually embrace your trip spiritually here and rejoice in the blessing your dedicated ministry has touched people formerly lost in darkness, corruption, idolatry, communism, godlessness… in spirit embracing you, what joy!!!

  2. Thankful you are home and so grateful to G-d for answering many prayers lifted up for you and Baruch. We are very thankful for your teaching of The Word and how much we are learning. We have been believers & followers of Yeshua for 40 plus years.

    Jim & Judy from Georgia

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