Bible Delivery

Bibles for the Eritreans in Eilat.

I have written once before about the Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel.  These are Christians who have fled Eritrea because of torture, trafficking and murder in their country.  Eritrea is a one-party state in which national legislative elections have never been held since independence. According to Human Rights Watch, the Eritrean government’s human rights is among the worst in the world.  Unfortunately, the Israeli government is not facilitating their movement to a safe country; but rather the government has been uncooperative in solving their status.

Through one of our daughters, we have become more aware of their situation and. have the opportunity to partner with another organisation to provide some help.  We will be facilitating the support of one of their pastors which is being provided by the other organisation.  They are not funds.

We will be providing some oversight and educational Bible instruction.  We look forward to helping the community in any way we can.  They have survived horrible conditions and treatment to reach Israel and we pray that the Israeli government will help their situation with mercy and fairness.

Mission accomplished!

Yesterday when we delivered the Bibles it was 105 degrees!  Their facility has no air conditioning and I ask that you please keep them all in your prayers.


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  1. So thankful to read this wonderful news concerning the Bible’s for the Eritreans, and the insight of your Daughter for their sad situation in Eilat. Our Governments truly need a new heart, and a new Spirit.I will keep this situation and these dear brothers and sisters in my prayers.✝️ Diana Hart.

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