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Do you have a favorite place to do your Bible study?  Do you assemble a special notebook and pen and maybe tea or coffee?  Comment below your surroundings during your Bible study and your favorite drink.  I study in the living room with some flavor of tea…it varies.

What are you currently studying?  Comment below.  Also would love to hear if you’ve read Baruch’s 1335Kingdom.

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  1. Hi Rivkah! I do my bible study at the kitchen table……usually I have my bible, notebook, and my laptop. Sometimes I have a concordance out. I love to have tea or coffee during my study time. I follow along with all of Baruch’s teachings. I have been blessed by them all. Yes, I have read 1335 Kingdom, its very interesting. A few of my favorite studies of Baruch’s are last years conference on the life of Joseph, Revelation and the current study in John.

  2. I am very blessed to have a beautiful room of my own to study in. When I study I have at least 3 different translations of the Scriptures open, my laptop, my journal, and lots of water. Currently I am reading through 1 Kings and studying the Gospel of John. I am about to rewatch some of Baruch’s video teachings on the Kingdom. Yes, I have read, “1335 Kingdom,” and very much welcomed what Baruch had to say.

  3. Shalom, Rivka! I have my own “office”, as it were, in our home. It is my haven. I oftentimes study in here, but also sometimes read with my hubby in the living room. Right now, in addition to reading the parshah, I recently picked up a 365 Day “Chronological Order” bible, which I am slowly working through. (Their “commentary” is both amazing in some places and appalling in others.) I go slowly because I often in my bible reading see something I want to explore more, so that leads to additional study.

    I kind of rotate through what I use for study. Baruch’s teachings. Tom Bradford’s teachings. FFOZ. J.K. McKee (going through his notes and commentary on Galations). I do have a notebook and when I write in it, I sometimes share it, either on my blog or on Facebook.

    I have read 1335 Kingdom and appreciate how he puts things together and makes sense of them!

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