Boleslawiec, Poland

This was our first meeting in Poland! Our entrance into Poland was through Tomasz Podstawka. His translations have really started the team and we were very happy to be able to come to Poland to encourage him and to help grow our Polish outreach.

The pastor of the hosting congregation took it upon himself to invite other pastors and congregations and there was a good response.

The meeting was very good and the people were very attentive to the teachings. There was a very good spirit and there were a lot of questions. The pastors and the leaders are very eager for us to come back here again. We were very blessed by them, their warmth and their hospitality.

We believe this is a great start to our Polish outreach!

4 thoughts on “Boleslawiec, Poland”

  1. It is wonderful to see how the L-rd has blessed your ministry, Love Israel. It appears your travels into other Countries has increased, touching and blessing many with G-d’s Word and truth in Messiah.
    May the L-rd continue to keep you in His hand, taking you to the places He wants you to go to reach the people.
    In the richness of His grace, blessings and shalom.

  2. That was a great event. A real spiritual feast with God’s Word. Thank The Lord and thank you so much.
    Iwona Pawlak

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