Boras, Sweden


The photo on the left is of Boras, Sweden.  Photo from Wikipedia.

On Shabbat, we met all day at a very nice facility arranged by our host.  There were more people than last night and I spoke with a few people who had been to Israel.  Some had been there several times.  Israel is on their hearts and minds and they were thankful for the teaching.

As I’ve written before, the churches in Sweden are very liberal.  For example, I took the picture below at the church where we met today.  Notice they have a “gay pride” flag.  I was told that the area leadership of the Lutheran church required all of their churches to participate in a gay pride day.  One pastor refused and it has caused him a lot of problems.


I had a very interesting encounter at the meetings today.  A woman stopped me and asked me what Baruch thought of the Divinity of Yeshua and the Trinity and that he should research it and let her know what he thinks.  Well, of course I know that Baruch firmly believes in the Trinity and I told her so.  What was so amazing is that not 10 minutes earlier I was reading I John 5:7 which states, “For there are Three that bear witness in heaven the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit:  and These Three are One.”

It was a powerful reinforcement to me that G-d will give us the words to say at the right time.  It also is a reminder that there is much confusion today in the church about proper doctrine.  We cannot assume that people know the truth of G-d’s Word!

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