Bronx Meeting


New York City this past Wednesday.

Our meeting on Wednesday night, July 25, was a very nice event.  It was a parlor meeting in the Bronx at the lovely home of our host and hostess, Randy and Tammy.

Several pastors and leaders in the greater NYC believing community attended.  Baruch was able to share about the work of and answer questions concerning it as well as some Bible questions.

As virtually everyone in the New York area have friends and colleagues who are Jewish, we were also reaching out to them to make them aware of us as a resource.

As with all networking, this is but the first step in opening up communication and partnerships in the New York City area.  We appreciate our friend Tom Mahairas facilitating this meeting and wanting to draw us into this group of influencers.  They have a heart for their city and also for the Jewish people and Israel.  We look forward to seeing how we can work together in the future.

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