Bulgaria Report Part 2


Bibles and Notebooks open!  Ready to study G-d’s Word.

Here is the report from Team Leader George:  The second day just finished!  What a day! There were around 50 in every session, but the difference from yesterday was that the majority of them had a pen and paper and were taking notes.  I have seen people that are very hungry about the revelation of G-d and the Holy Spirit used Baruch in such a wonderful way.

Another aspect was the prayer one.  People assaulted Baruch with prayer needs.  After one of the sessions I found out that they took a sick boy from the hospital and brought him to the conference to listen to the Word and for healing prayer.  Another man, and old one, came and had a major pain in the back on spine and the pain came down to the foot.  After prayer, he felt the pain less.

The expectation for next year is higher for Bulgaria.  It looks like a Bulgaria team is forming, and G-d brings exactly people that He wants.


So thankful for a full house!

[Rivka:  As you can read, the people are hungry for the word and hungry for freedom from the bondage which is there.

Much prayer went into the preparation for this conference.  Our Romanian team worked hard and went to Bulgaria ahead of the conference to see the needs.  The country is in darkness and there are many spiritual needs.  I believe that this prayerful preparation made a huge difference.  Thank you to everyone who prays for us, our teams, and the work.  Only the Truth of the Gospel and G-d’s Word can change people.

On another note, I am traveling today/tomorrow and appreciate your prayers.  It will be 3 flights and 26 hours of travel.  Thank you!]

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  1. It is my prayer that Yeshua’s blessings and protection cover you as you respond to the Holy Spirit leading you to go out into the world and teach all who are hungry and want to taste the richness of His Word. My heart sings with happiness as I see how His Word is reaching into all corners of the world. In my own home, as I study the teachings of His Word, my heart is filled with joy as the Truth is revealed. What you are doing makes me think of what Yeshua said just before He ascended to heaven — Acts 1:8, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” I thank Yeshua for your work and the service you are doing to the glory of our great Redeemer and King.

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