Busy Day in Quarantine

Spreading cheer!

We have been taking advantage of these days at home. The only place we are now allowed to go is the grocery store and they are limiting the number of people inside at any given time. Our daughter had three university classes via Live Stream today and Baruch and I had a 2 1/2 Skype meeting with the leader of our Global Prayer Team and his associate who both live in Germany. We enjoyed our time of strategy, fellowship and encouragement with them.

This is a great time to look for recipes to use up some of those odd items still in your pantry! I’ve made some dishes I’ve never made before and it is actually fun.

On the Israeli political front, it would appear with the breaking apart of the left-wing party, Blue and White, that an emergency government will be established early next week and that Benjamin Netanyahu will remain as Prime Minister until September 2021. If this government remains until then (many see it falling apart before then), Benyamin Gantz will be rotated in as the new Prime Minister. This is based upon verbal commitments from Netanyahu’s party and those who remain with Benyamin Gantz. A formal announcement is expected the first part of next week. A good portion of the Israeli electorate (liberal) are very disappointed with Gantz’s decision. He made this decision because of the growing concern about the Coronavirus in Israel.

Israel has seen significant spread of the virus in the last few days. There is strong expectation that on Saturday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu will announce a complete closing of the economy, except for grocery stores and pharmacies. Currently, one is not supposed to leave his home other than to buy food at grocery stores or for medical emergencies. There is a 100 meter perimeter restriction for those who would like to go outside their home for a few minutes of fresh air. At this moment, soldiers are being mobilised to assist the police in regard to these new restrictions. Throughout this crisis, the Israeli populace has been very cooperative and the interactions between the police and citizens have been extremely low-key and friendly. The police constantly remind individuals this is for everyone’s safety and the compliance has been outstanding.

Be safe and healthy! Shabbat Shalom!

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