Busy Days

We have had the opportunity to speak with people around the world and it is amazing how quickly the situation in the world is changing! Australia, the United States, Europe. Believers are scared. Believers are apathetic and are content with not meeting. Believers don’t know what to do! We ought not be that way. We know the truth. We know the future. We know that the time is short. Today we held a meeting of our Northern Europe Board. It was a strategy meeting to brainstorm about ways to be active during this time. To share the Gospel. To make people aware of all the teaching available through LoveIsrael.org. Please pray for the team, as we put together leadership forums, virtual conferences and other means of reaching a larger audience.

Israel is currently under lockdown. It is a bit confusing, as many things were reported about what would be closed and how far we could be from our homes, but some things aren’t being enforced and some restrictions were confusing. We are mostly at home except to take walks (with masks) or buy groceries.

We praise G-d for the opportunities to work from home and to have even small conversations with neighbors and store owners.

Rosh HaShanah was quiet. Small groups could meet and the sounding of the shofar took place on Sunday. (Not Saturday, as the shofar is not sounded on a Shabbat). Several were sounded throughout our neighborhood and on our block.

A tent constructed in a vacant lot for the High Holiday services.

While the agreement between Israel and United Arab Emerites was being signed in Washington DC, rockets were being shot into Israel by Palestinians in Gaza. One of those rockets hit at a bakery in our city and 2 people were hurt. The next day I took a walk and went passed the bakery. They already had trucks there fixing the windows, etc. The name of the bakery, written in yellow, is called “Boutique HaPita” (The Pita Boutique).

These are important times and we must not be complacent. We must be in the Word to strengthen ourselves and then share the truth with those whom we come in contact.

If your congregation is not meeting, perhaps this would be a good time to start a small meeting in your home to go through a book of the Bible together. We encourage you to download our “My Bible Study” app for android or Apple devices and to also bookmark our new companion website MyBibleStudy.online.

3 thoughts on “Busy Days”

  1. I have a question.

    Should believers of differing biblical views marry or is being a believer enough?

    If one believer has a heart of love of the Torah and that other is resistant to the Torah and finds it of no benefit and too secondary to consider as the blood of Christ and grace is all that is necessary. ( the 5 solas)

    Thank you for your time

    1. We have seen several couples split over differing views within the realm of Christianity. Just because two people are believers does not mean they should necessarily marry. If it is going to be a constant disagreement, which the example you give would probably produce, I would not recommend marriage. Blessings!

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