Busy Time


Beautiful sunset over Beer Sheva.

This coming Wednesday night I will be heading for the States.  I will be visiting my Mom and Baruch’s parents and then Baruch and I will meet up in Virginia for the first speaking event of our time in the States.  We would appreciate your prayers, as there is much preparation still to do before I can leave this week and Baruch can leave next week.

We are looking forward to our conferences in Martinsville, VA (registration required), Grand Junction, CO, and Chula Vista, CA.  Please check out the events section of our website for details.

This past Saturday night we again had problems with our Live Stream.  Fortunately, we know the problem and it won’t happen again.  Thankfully, we were able to retrieve it from one of the platforms and it is now posted on YouTube.  Thank you for your patience as we still work to get content to you!


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  1. We pray that the L-rd give you strength and favour wherever you and Baruch go, and blessings to your family.

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