Catching Up


Still some blooms in Israel.

The past few days have been very busy here.  We have had several Skype meetings to arrange our schedule for 2018.  It looks like it will be a very busy year.

We have been approached about a project in Europe to work with the Jewish community.  We cannot share more at this time, but we would ask that you pray about what role we should have and how we can help.

We have also worked out details for Baruch to teach some conferences in Finland in April.  There are several congregations there who have a burden for Israel and also want to learn about Israel and prophecy.  We are very excited to meet with them and encourage and study together.

Saturday evening we met at our study center to study Isaiah 17.  I thought you might like to pray for the requests shared:  many health needs (due to weather changes), rain (this is the time of year in which Israel receives all its rain) and people who went on the day trip with Michael.  Michael teaches the weekly Torah portion at our study center.  Many of you have met him at one of our National conferences.  He takes groups for day trips and shares the Gospel with them.  Please pray for those who went on his last one that their hearts will be open and he will be able to follow up with them.

Midnight from Jerusalem, our Live Stream, aired at Midnight our time, which is 5:00 pm EST in the US, 4:00 pm CST, etc.  Baruch began a study on the book of Ecclesiastes.  We’d love for you to join us live.

We’ve also had a request for more copies of the Discipleship Manual in Russian.  There are new immigrants from Russia and the Ukraine.

Baruch is also going to begin teaching a new believers class in Beersheva, beginning in February.

Finally, we have our itinerary for the next couple of months now posted on our website, listed under “Events.”  We hope you will either join us if possible or pray for us and those who come to hear sound Bible teaching.

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