Catching Up


At the Thursday night meeting.

The past few days have been very busy.  We appreciate the fact that the leaders here have been very organised and arranged wonderful venues where Baruch has taught over the past few days.  Every meal, location etc., has been thought out and we appreciate the translators, pastors, leaders and workers who made this trip all come together.

At the convention.  So neat that they had a menorah there!

Baruch spoke at a large denominational workers convention, where he shared a message, motivating them in their call to reach the lost and to encourage them in pursuit of the Kingdom life.  He shared with them prophecy and signs of the End Times, including Israel.

We visited a training center where people come to learn before being sent out to serve in missions around the world.  They gave us a tour of the facility, which is lakefront, and invited Baruch to come teach a group coming in November.


Baruch and myself outside the training centre.

Baruch also answered some questions in an interview and it will be translated into Finnish and Swedish.  The man in the plaid shirt, Marco, is fluent in both languages.  He was our main Finnish contact and he and his wife, Tanya, were wonderful hosts.


Today was an emotional service.  Baruch taught a message on the last verse of Jeremiah 22 and the first 8 verses of Jeremiah 23.  Many people were touched by the knowledge that prophecy is being fulfilled today!  That Am Israel is being gathered from all the countries and coming back to the Land.

At the end of the service, we were presented with a Finnish flag, to remind us that the people are praying for Israel and the Jewish people.

Our initial contacts for this entire Finland trip were Chris and Andrea Taylor.  They have been called to Finland from Minnesota, and we are so happy that they encouraged us to come.


Chris and Andrea Taylor with Baruch and myself today.

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