Chag Sameach!


Some of the prepackaged kosher for Pesach foods at our home!

Today we finished our cleaning and I began the cooking. Some of the dishes which take the longest to cook were completed today, so as not to tie up my burners for hours tomorrow for just a couple of items.

Baruch always sets the table for Pesach and I will try to post a picture of it tomorrow.  I would really like to encourage those of you who are maybe just beginning to explore Pesach.  It is rich in Biblical truth.  And it can also help you to create some new traditions in your home.  If you are married, you can work together as well as each have particular jobs.  If you are a family, you can include the children in studying the Scripture as well as searching for chametz (leaven) as you clean the home.

I want to remind you that we will have a special Live Stream this Saturday night.  Baruch will be teaching about the Resurrection.

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