Changing Times~Feeling an Urgency

The platform for Team Leader Marko Kulpakko.

This past weekend, while Baruch and I were in Moldova with Eastern Europe Team Leader George Popa, our Love Israel Northern Europe Team Leader Marko Kulpakko was speaking in Boros, Sweden. All weekend long, it was great to see George and Marko communicating with each other and George really encouraging Marko. We are so proud of our team leaders!

While Marko was in Boros sharing the Word and about the work of Love Israel, there were riots and car burnings in that city. Marko gave 6 messages and updated us with the following:

“People were coming forward in tears, wanting to recommit their lives to the L-rd!” He said that many of these people were older…in their 70s…and were convicted to use the rest of their lives to serve the L-rd. We are so appreciative to Marko for traveling to Boros to share these words and we are so thankful to G-d for preparing the hearts of the people for these special messages.

For those of you who will be attending our National Conference in Orlando, you will have the opportunity to meet Marko and his wife Tanja, and hear him as he shares an update on Saturday afternoon.

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