Cheshbon HaNefesh Part 2

The rest of the character traits/behaviors listed in the Cheshbon HaNefesh are decisiveness, cleanliness, humility, righteousness, frugality, diligence, silence, calmness, truth and separation.

What do you notice about all of these traits?  What came to my mind was preparing ourselves and our surroundings to make me more able to hear from G-d and in turn ready to act upon His plans and purposes for my life.

When we are not surrounded by clutter (both physically and emotionally), when we are humble, calm and silent, isn’t it much more likely that we will be in a place to hear what G-d is saying to us?

Let us consciously work to unclutter our lives and put ourselves in the proper position to hear from G-d and the plans and purposes He has for our lives.

Shabbat Shalom!

3 thoughts on “Cheshbon HaNefesh Part 2”

  1. Excellent reading. Thank you. No matter what–stay with G-d, He, in His perfect time will take care of you no matter your situation and the cause of it-keep looking to G-d, His way. Never stop praying-asking for His help–the red light will change to green when G-d says its time and no one-nothing will stop His unmatchable power from taking place.

  2. Jacquline Bridges Indiana USA

    Shabbat shalom, thank you for your kind words of wisdom that directs me in the path that leads to a relationship with him. I’m grateful to have someone that teaches his word whether it steps on our toes or not. I think that if I want to be truly in a relationship with him I need the truth and the truth doesn’t always rub us the right way, meaning we need to check our walk with him.

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