Chodesh Tov – Chodesh Kislev

This marks the beginning of a new month on the Hebrew calendar — the month of Kislev. This is a celebration of the new moon. The Jewish month begins when the new moon first appears, a tiny sliver in the night sky.

The Jewish life is lived in keeping with the Jewish calendar. Whether it be the time of day (praying 3 times a day), the days of the week (keeping the Shabbat and reading the Torah on Mondays, Thursdays and Shabbat), the month (celebrating the New Moon), or the year (the various holidays). One is constantly in tune with time.

Many believers are not familiar with celebrating the New Moon. It is mentioned in Numbers 29 (and other places) and we read that there was a sacrifice made at that time.

Today it is marked by some additional prayers in the prayer services. It is also very common for Jewish women’s groups to get together to celebrate the new month. Perhaps you are a woman who would like to start a women’s group. This might be a great opportunity to start one which would not be like other women’s groups. Many Rosh Chodesh groups meet and study on topics of interest to women, such as niddah, the Shabbat kitchen, etc.

The holiday of Hanukkah takes place during the month of Kislev. I will write a separate post about that later. Beginning in Kislev, bakeries in Israel begin to sell donuts (Sufganiot). It is a great holiday and let’s all pray for a safe holiday for Jerusalem and all of Israel. Amen!

1 thought on “Chodesh Tov – Chodesh Kislev”

  1. Hello Rivka Happy Hanukkah!

    May you and Baruch be blessed during this memorial season of Life, Light and Victory!

    I have been pondering on this article and thinking a women’s group laid out like this may be awesome. I am seeking more information if you can be of help. How it is different and set up? and if there is any recommended study material to use as a guide. I am pondering on this and putting it to prayer. Thank you for your help Shalom In Messiah Cindee

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