Close to Egypt


I took this picture today in Eilat, Israel.

If you have listened to Baruch teach for any length of time, you have heard that Egypt, in the Bible, is synonymous with…the world.

Right now I am in Eilat for a couple of days with our son getting some things done.  Many times in Eilat it is sort of hazy, perhaps because of the extreme heat.  But today, we were able to clearly see Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Being so close to Egypt reminded me that we, as believers, are still very close to the world.  We are in it but not of it.  Yet, being so close, we can be adversely affected by it.  But, just as Israel has to have very secure borders and constantly be on alert for threats from her neighbors, so we too need to be aware of the dangers surrounding us which seek to destroy our walk with the L-rd.

relationships.  Have you ever been in a relationship with a friend, another couple, etc., where you can just feel the dynamics changing or their outlook changing?  Maybe the person is backsliding.  Maybe they are encouraging you to participate in their disobedience.  Whatever the behavior, it is important for you to be aware of changes in an existing friendship, to make sure that they are not becoming a negative influence on you.

time management.  Do you spend time on wasteful things and then not have enough time to spend with the L-rd or your family?  We need to evaluate how we spend our time to make sure we are using what G-d gives us to participate in His plans and purposes.

work ethic.  We need to make sure that we give our employer our 100% effort.  We are to do our work unto the L-rd and we certainly wouldn’t want to give Him a half-hearted effort!  Being at work on time, giving our full effort, not doing personal work on employer’s time.  Concerning all of these things we must keep our guard.

lifestyle.  Can the world detect a difference in us in the way we dress, the way we speak, the choices we make?  As women, we should dress modestly.  Most of the time this doesn’t really apply to men, but of course men should be covered fully as well!

Do we speak in a G-dly way, reflecting the indwelling of the Holy Spirit?  Or do we throw around coarse language and off-color jokes?  Do we go to movies we shouldn’t fill our minds with?  And listen to music or read books or magazines which reflect the world and not righteous living?

We need to constantly guard ourselves against the toxic world in which we live!

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