Colorado Recap – Part 2

IMG_5755Holding conferences around the country is very rewarding for us. To see people who know each other but have not been together for awhile really gives us a good feeling.  People from all over Colorado came to our conference.

On Shabbat, most people brought their lunches.  Our contacts arranged at the hotel to have a room set up with tables for people to bring in their own food.  This is extremely unusual and we appreciated the hotel’s cooperation.  They were so good to meet our needs.

Of course the main purpose of the conferences is to share the Word of G-d, but a nice extra is to see fellow believers meet with like-minded people and many times make arrangements to meet/study together in the future.

We also want to express a big “Thank You” to Marianne, who contacted me about a month before the conference.  She offered to play her harp at the conference if there was a time that would be appropriate.  Her lovely playing added to the conference and I so appreciate her ministry.  She has played the harp for years at a hospital to make a serene environment for patients.

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