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I apologize for not posting during the Conference.  With Shabbat and paperwork on Sunday, I just did not have the opportunity.

This year, the Praise and Worship was led by the team at Seed of Abraham Fellowship.  This was a very uplifting time and I heard many positive comments.  Their hard work and love for the L-rd could be seen.

New this year was the Prayer Room.  There were so many people touched by this ministry, which was led by Rev. Lester Smith.  He and his team reported that many people took advantage of this opportunity to lead and be led in prayer, to minister and to be ministered to, and to truly experience the Spirit moving in their midst.  We are so thankful to Lester for his emphasis on prayer.


There was a good turnout at this year’s conference.  There were approximately 400  people in attendance from all over the United States and even from other countries.  We were honored by how many people traveled long distances to come.

There were over 20 volunteers who prepared registration packets, manned tables, and did whatever was necessary to make the conference run smoothly.  At the end of the conference, Baruch called all of the volunteers up on stage to thank them.  It was quite amazing to see just how many there were.  I think everyone then realized what an undertaking a conference like this is!

Baruch’s teaching will be available on Holyland Marketplace.  I do not have the exact date.  They are currently being edited.


The teaching on Yeshua’s earthly ministry was a very intense study and many people commented to me that they learned a lot and also that they were motivated to make changes in their lives.  This is what it is all about!  Digging into Scripture, reading and hearing Truth, and applying it to our lives for Change.  With that Change, we will be put into a position to be USED BY G-D for His plans and purposes.  Isn’t that exciting?

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