Conference Report ~ Part One

And the conference began…

All of the planning and work for our Tenth Annual Conference came to an end on Sunday afternoon, November 17th. It takes almost a year to put together each conference, and we appreciate the hard work of the many volunteers who helped.

The focus of this year’s conference was “Life Sessions from Luke”. There was an emphasis from the texts which were selected to impact one’s walk with Yeshua. On the first night, we heard about how Yeshua was moved with compassion and how His Spirit within every believer should cause us to behave towards others with this same compassion. There were also several passages that dealt with the conflict between Yeshua and the religious leaders at that time. It was demonstrated how there was a significant difference between how the people responded to Yeshua to that of the religious leaders.

We enjoy so much seeing people sitting together and studying the Word during breaks and also making new friends.

Our dear friends, Robert and Yvette, whom we’ve known for over 25 years, brought lovely banners they made and placed them all around the conference room. Two of them are shown above. They also waved some of them during Praise and Worship and Robert blew the shofar to assemble us for each session. Thank you Robert and Yvette!

Yvette and Robert.

The worship team from Seed of Abraham Fellowship in Merritt Island, FL, once again lead us in praise and worship during the 3 days. We appreciate them very much and all of their work with the staging as well as the music.

FRIDAY MEETINGS. Beginning Friday morning, we had meetings all day leading up to the beginning of the conference. A representative from a television network made the trip down to share with us information about the network and how it could benefit LoveIsrael. We also had the opportunity to meet with Ronnie Houlihan and Tom LeVine. They join Baruch weekly on our “Lost In Translation” radio broadcast on Sirius XM Family Radio channel 131. We discussed the current radio show and possible expansion in the future.

We also met with Patty our Financial Manager and then held our annual Advisory Board meeting at 3:00pm. During these yearly meetings, we give a recap of what has happened during the last meeting and ask for advice and suggestions to be emailed to us for further discussion. We appreciate these leaders who have experience in the business and philanthropic world and seek their counsel regularly.

I was not able to take pictures during most of the conference, but I have some coming and will share them with you!

4 thoughts on “Conference Report ~ Part One”

  1. Such a wonderful conference. I was blessed by the great teaching, wonderful praise and worship, and the fellowship with like minded believers. Thank you for all of your hard work and your willingness to share the Gospel message all around the world. Thank you for teaching Truth!

  2. This conference was truly a blessing and a special learning experience. Friends with whom I shared the gospel 30 years ago in Germany came to have fellowship and learn about Love Israel Ministry. I bought several copies of The Coming King to share with family and friends. I thank G_d for inspiring Dr. Baruch to write this book. I have now a better understanding of the End Times events and the Millenial Kingdom.

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