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Sunrise in Constanta, Romania.

First, we’d like to extend warm Holiday greetings Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot) to everyone.  May this be a blessed time for you and your family!

Below is the first video from our LoveIsrael conference in San Diego, CA.  Many people had asked if the conference was going to be taped.  We are pleased to have the first one ready and uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo!

On Wednesday, we will leave for Sweden, where Baruch will be teaching 3 days of conferences.  The believing leadership is really wanting to learn about the End Times in light of the upheaval and trouble in Sweden.  We need to be in prayer for that country, as their elections are today and the results will have a huge impact on their future direction.




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  1. Amazing picture considering we are going into a more introspective part of season now! Time to reflect soulsearch readjust and start afresh with a better understanding and stronger convictions for our kingdom
    Journey. Safe travels and God speed to you both!

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