Constanta Conference

Tuesday morning we drove from Bucharest to Constanta, where the conference for church planters from throughout Romania is being held.  The conference began in the evening, with music by a messianic congregation from Bucharest.  It was lovely and certainly made us feel at home!

The room was totally full, with the overflow sitting out in a hallway with a computer monitor to watch.  We received a very warm reception.  The conference sponsor, The Bible League of Romania, hired cameras and the entire event is being Live Streamed.  Here is the link for the first session:

From there, you will be able to find the other links for the subsequent session.

Baruch taught on Megillat Esther.  The translator was Timothy Mitrofan.  I was told by several Romanians who are fluent in English, that Timothy did a fantastic, accurate translation.  We are so thankful for him.  He is the Director of the Bible League in Romania.

One thing I took away from Baruch’s message is that G-d uses bad to draw us closer to Him.  Those bad things give us greater knowledge of His love and His power.  We must never forget that!

The second thing I took away from the message is that G-d’s plans and purposes will be accomplished.  The question is whether we will participate in the blessing.  If Esther had not participated in G-d’s plan, He would have used someone else.  Let us all be like Esther and be obedient to be part of G-d’s plans!

Where we are staying does not have internet, so I’m sorry not to be sharing this as quickly as I would like.

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  1. Watched the first session. Excellent teaching and message. It’s was wonderful to see the great span of ages at the conference. Very happy to be learning with brothers and sisters from Romania. Thank you for providing the opportunity. Looking forward to next session. Nice to see such exuberance from your translator, Timothy M. And the music was lovely.

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