Countdown to Passover

At our Passover seder discussion and lesson yesterday.

Well, we have now entered the home stretch for Passover preparation! Yesterday, we went to Ashkelon, where Baruch taught about the Passover seder and also about the L-rd’s Supper. It is important to realize that many Jewish people from the former Soviet Union destroyed all evidence of their Jewishness, such as ketubahs (marriage documents), etc. Many also know very little about Judaism but they are very eager to learn those things which were suppressed for many years out of fear. At the end of the teaching, we participated in this important ordinance.

On Tuesday, we walked over to the school by our home to cast our votes in the election for Prime Minister. Again! The discussion around Israel now is who will be able to form a government. There are really two choices: the Netanyahu “camp” or the anti-Netanyahu “camp”.

Today and tomorrow I am chopping vegetables, cooking and finishing all the food preparation for not only Shabbat but also the seder and first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. No cooking will be done on either of these days.

Here is the link to Baruch’s Passover article:

Many blessings for a happy and meaningful Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread.

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  1. Hi and blessings to you for your Word of God. Is Oatmeal consider forbidden or leavened? I am confused on this issue?

    1. Hello David. There is some dispute on this, but the general consensus is that it is forbidden to eat during Passover.

  2. I am a Syrian Christian from India, aged 64 .We observe 50 days lent till 3rd April ; Easter being observed on 4th April . I was fortunate enough to listen to Dr.Baruch’s explanation on Genesis 1 to 50 ,one episode a day ,and truly impressed by his explanations of the verses . I feel that this lent was the most blessed among the lent I observed in the past 51 years. Thanks Dr.Baruch for parting his in depth knowledge in the Bible .May God Bless Him

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