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Every day I go for about a 7 mile walk.  During that time, I pray, listen to podcasts, and do a lot of thinking.  Today  I listened to a couple of different ones and each mentioned creating in a different way.  We all create things throughout the week:  blog posts, meals,  crafts, reports for work or school, etc.  In fact, I think it is easy to see how many of the activities listed as prohibited on Shabbat in Judaism are on the list because in one way or another is is the act of creating.

I think once we realize how much work we do each day in creating, we can more easily see how to distinguish the Shabbat by not creating.

We read in Genesis 2:3:  “And G-d blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it:  because that in it He had rested from all His work which G-d created and made.”

Perhaps as we prepare to celebrate Shabbat, we can consciously make the effort NOT to create, but to focus on the CREATOR.

2 thoughts on “Create! Rest!”

  1. Good thoughts!. It opened my mind to areas of the Shabbat I wonder about.

    As a writer, I spend my week “creating”…creating ideas, memes, stories. I would have to guess that at least 95% of it is related to what the Scripture says and how it applies to us – or should I clarify – how it applies to the typical “Christian.”

    So on the Sabbath I find myself purposely staying out of my “creative -aka work” area. Yet, the ideas and thoughts keep popping into my head.

    The best I’ve been able to do is stay away from a computer. Yet, I invariably find a pen and paper to scribble a fast note on.

    I enjoy your thoughts. Keep writing.

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