Daily Life in Israel

Men playing cards on the sidewalk of Yafo.

Israelis are very social people. There has been cooperation with the isolation mandates, but it became clear that after the severe isolation during Independence Day, the strictness would not continue. Today I rode in a city bus for the first time in over 3 months. It was not crowded and bus routes are still limited. Train service is scheduled to resume on June 8.

The ability to sit at a sidewalk cafe is now a reality! Baruch and I had a brief meeting when we were in Tel Aviv and this was the office! There were so many people out with their dogs, walking with their laptops carrying on with their lives. Currently, there is a little bit of a “second wave”, and masks are being enforced in buses, restaurants, etc.

When staying at home, why not make homemade bagels?

Believe it or not, outside of Jerusalem, it is hard to find bagels! So, I just make them myself.

2 thoughts on “Daily Life in Israel”

  1. Barbara Chatelain

    Ty 4 sharing. Plse pray . In Winnipeg mid Canada I live in a big public hsg . People do not care about corona . Ty . I am very alone e trying to keep safe . I need to fi d safe community and a better place to live . Plse Oh merciful God show me where to go and open a place 4 me.

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