Day 1 in Amsterdam

I can’t write about Amsterdam without showing a picture of a bicycle!

We made it to Amsterdam safely and then found out that a Palestinian had attacked a kosher Jewish restaurant here.  It is about a kilometer from our hotel.  Thankfully, everyone is fine and the Palestinian was captured and taken to jail.  Terrorism can and does happen anywhere.

Tonight Baruch is speaking about 1 1/2 hours outside of Amsterdam.  The topic is:  “How to Live a Kingdom Life.”  I am actually not at this event, as he was going with one of his friends.  This gives me the opportunity to get caught up on my work because the next several days are going to be very busy.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday is our Conference at the Amsterdam Holiday Inn.  Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday night we will be in Alkmaar, Netherlands, where Baruch will be teaching another conference.


This is my little nook where I will be blogging, answering emails (when we aren’t at the conferences!) and communicating with YOU during our LiveStream this Saturday night!

Just a reminder that Baruch taped a very special video for this week’s Live Stream “Midnight from Jerusalem”, which will be at its usual time.  Please don’t miss it!  I will be on Youtube and Facebook to talk with YOU as we listen to Baruch bring a special Hanukkah message.


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