Decision made!

Thank you to everyone who responded!  I do want to clarify that it will be me, Rivka, writing the posts.  As I can, I will try to also post something now and then from Baruch.  Not sure if you all know that I am Baruch’s wife.

I will begin with Rosh HaShanah.  I will really try to do my best to make the posts interesting, informative, include pictures and hopefully link a few videos that I make along the way.  We can all learn together!


4 thoughts on “Decision made!”

  1. Sounds GREAT!!!! We live here in Hollywood, Florida around many Jewish neighbors. Our grandaughter is going to 4 yr. old VPK at the Temple at the top of our street and she will be celebrating these days as well. This will be a wonderful addition to her experience!

  2. So pleased you will do this. It will be lovely to connect with you in Israel. Thank you and Baruch for your teaching. Very relevant that Baruch has just started on John’s Gospel and mentions that John used the festivals in writing his good news.

  3. You always do well because you write with your heart-truly caring. I so love the pictures and would love videos as time allows–love information on-from Israel because God loves Israel so do I! Safara

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