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On March 7-10, there was a four-day conference sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College, known as “Christ at the Checkpoint.”  On the second day, they opened with prayer, followed by the playing of the “Palestinian National Anthem”.  Then a man spoke, who is head on an organization constitution “the united voice of evangelicals in Palestine.”  He is dedicated to rejection modern Zionism and racism–and linked those two concepts together as if they were one.

The president of the Bible college stated that one of their purposes is”to advocate the Palestinian perspective”

The speakers basically took turns talking about “occupation”, said that the Palestinian violence is a natural reaction to Israeli “crimes”.

This was a 4 day conference of “Christians” to bash Israel, the Jewish people, western Christians, and was used to defend and explain violent, disgusting Palestinian behavior.

This is the direction the “church” is heading.  There is strong, satanic opposition, within the church, to Israel and G-d’s plans.

We need to be fervently praying.  The enemy is gaining strength.  He is using “the church” against Israel and G-d’s prophetic plans.  Please let’s pray today for G-d’s plans to come to fruition and that we will be actively used in that journey.  Blessings, Rivka

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  1. Sadly this is a common view in churches.Churches do not teach recent history. The congregation watches the media and talks of a loving God. Churches do not yet see Israel as God’s own child.Churches do not believe that God punishes his own when they are disobedient. Churches do not understand that they have to read the whole Bible in context. He will reveal Himself in His anger against those who speak out as this group is doing..

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