Dothan, AL


This year’s meeting location for Love Israel conference in Dothan, AL.

Friday and Saturday we were in Dothan, AL, for our 5th annual conference there.  This year we met in the very nice facilities of Dothan Messianic Congregation.  The event each year is sponsored by Beit Lev Echad Congregation.  Our friend and contact there is Mary-Jane and she always does such a great job of organizing the event.

This year our conference coincided with Hanukkah, which made it extra special.  Lighting the Hanukkiah, a Hanukkah party and special games and desserts were also part of the time this year.

Baruch taught on selected chapters from the book of Ezekiel.  The emphasis of his teaching was the Millennial Kingdom from chapters 43, 44, and 47. The messages were not only only what would take place and the character of this Kingdom, but developing from these texts principles that should impact how one lives today in preparation for this Kingdom experience. He also responded to questions such as who would be in the Millennial Kingdom, why would there be sacrifices during this period time, and why the Millennial Kingdom is rejected by many Christian theologians.

We were blessed to have visitors from up to several hours away who follow Love Israel either on our television show or internet platforms.


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