Double standards

I walk for about 1 1/2 hours every day. During those walks, I like to listen to travel podcasts. Right now, Americans are enamoured with France and Italy. The French are “so sophisticated” yet rude and complaining. The Italians “understand the simple way of life” yet are closed and hard to get to know. But, the negative attributes are tossed aside or explained away and actually turned into positives. Funny, those are the same negative qualities attributed to Israelis, but they are certainly not explained away or thought of a their “culture” or are “quaint”.

The reality is that Israelis can be gruff, but would do anything for you. During this most recent conflict with Gaza, we have seen time and time again people who load up their cars and trucks with food and drive to the border to cook food for the soldiers! One person was even killed doing this.

One day, Baruch and I were watching 2 guys on the street. They way they were talking, we were expecting them to come to blows. But, they hugged and said their goodbyes. There are cultural differences between Israelis and Americans, but judging and thinking the worst is not the Biblical thing to do.

Why is there this double standard? I was contemplating this and it is simple. The world hates Israel. This is not paranoia. This is not self-pity. This is reality. The Bible even tells us that in the end times every nation will rise up against Israel.

Some people may think that this is just the way it is and that nothing can be done about it. But, I would like to share some thoughts. First of all, many believers think that Israel is the past. That G-d used her to bring Messiah Yeshua into the world and that He is finished with her. That is so false! Israel is the future. And no matter where you live, if you are a believer, you should want to feel a connection to Israel. Over the next few posts, I’m going to share some ways you can strengthen your connection with Israel–the people and the Land.

Remember today is Tisha B’Av. On this date, TWICE, the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Today is a fast day, as we remember those sad days.

1 thought on “Double standards”

  1. You are SO right in everything you said! I am sorry and feel ashamed for the way America’s leadership has responded to Israel. Mr. Obama & his administration do NOT speak for all of us & certainly not for me! I love Israel and all of her beautiful people. You are a “serious” lot, but you are AWESOME, and always hold your sense of humor! I visited in March & and fell head over heels in love with your country, your people, your food, hospitality and your HEART! Who on earth thinks that it makes sense for Israel to be ashamed for unintentionally hitting civilian targets when that is ALL Hamas wants to do! Utter insanity. Please know that many here are with you, Sean Hannity from our Fox News is broadcasting live from Gaza City in hopes that at least some of the truth will be made known. God is WITH you, He always has been. He always will be! I am praying for you every day and even more often as Jesus brings you to my mind. Stay safe, with much love from Minnesota 🙂

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