In the past 24 hours, Baruch and I have tuned in (on and off) to the Christian stations we receive here in Israel.  Three of the pastors were speaking about dreams (and no, one of them was not Joel Osteen!).

Each one of them (and 2 of them are known for being conservative) focused primarily on what our dreams (goals) are and would occasionally mention G-d, such as someone’s dream to be involved in ministry.  But there primary points revolved around getting what we want.

It was appalling to me that these men have bought into this new, popular theology that G-d is happy when we are happy (John Piper–“Christian” hedonism) and treat G-d, the Creator of the Universe, as if He is here to give us whatever we want!

Where is the fear of the L-rd?  Where is the concept of obedience?  Submission?  Humility?

People speak of G-d in such a flippant manner.

We need to be on our knees seeking His will, His plan, His desire for our lives.  He knows us better than we know ourselves and He loves us.  What we want for ourselves is never better than what He wants for us.


6 thoughts on “Dreams….”

  1. Shalom, My name is Daniel. I live outside of Houston, Texas. The type of preaching that you discuss is about all there is on the Christian channels I get. Including Joel Olsteen unfortunately
    His father was not like that. But lately I cant even bare watch them any more. I use to get the Church Channel where i looked for Love Israel.But they switched to the Hillsong Ch. Daystar has
    only has you on late at night. So now I watch you only on the internet. I love your teaching.
    Keep it simple. Daniel M. Pattison,Texas

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