Enlace (Spanish) Update — Please Share


Last week, I received a very encouraging email from our Spanish Team Leaders, Jose and Carrie Rivera.  They gave me an update on traffic to the Spanish Facebook page and my blog, which Jose translates into Spanish.  They noticed that this traffic increased significantly after the broadcast of our television show.

We are convinced that reaching the Spanish-speaking world is of utmost importance.  Several people had encouraged us to begin this work and we praise the L-rd for His provision of a great couple to lead the team, as well as a skilled person to do the voice-over, Einstein Guzman.

We would ask that you please pass along to all of your Spanish-speaking friends and family members that LoveIsrael.org is now available in Spanish through the following media:

Television show broadcast on Enlace Television Network:    12:30 pm (EDT U.S.) which is 10:30 am Costa Rica time, etc. on FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT 4:00 PM EDT

Spanish Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/amarasaisrael613/

Spanish Website https://www.amarasaisrael.org

LoveIsraelConnection blog in Spanish. https://conexionamarasisrael.org


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