Eskilstuna, Sweden

Yesterday afternoon/evening was our last event for this trip. We drove about 1 hour 15 minutes to the city of Eskilstuna. We met at a Pentecostal church and many people commented how wonderful it was to see people from different denominations and ministries come together for the time of Bible study. It is such an encouragement to us when new collaborations form from these types of Love Israel events.

We began with our board member Jarmo giving an introduction about – our Northern Europe outreach. He did an excellent job of encouraging people to check out our resources and informing them of how they can participate with our work.

Again, there were many people weeping and rededicating their lives to the L-rd. A few people came forward to rededicate their lives for full time ministry. Many people afterward told our team members that they had not seen a response like that in over 20 years. We praise G-d for the awakening of the people’s hearts to get into the Word and to share the Gospel in their daily lives.

Board members L-R: Marko, Reimo, Jarmo, Rivka. Missing: Pia

We ended the evening, and our days with our team with a farewell dinner. Marko commented that he would have trouble sleeping that night, as the evening’s emotions of seeing lives touched and hopefully changed, go through his mind.

We are very thankful for our team and their work and desire to see people turn to the L-rd and those who already have to make decisions to draw closer to Him.

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