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The end of December, we went to Ethiopia for Baruch to spend 2 days teaching leaders and Pastors who had traveled to just outside of Ethiopia. There has been tribal conflict in Ethiopia over the past couple of years. Recently, the situation has improved and so we were very happy to be able to go just outside the city for Baruch to teach a course on the end times. This was also an opportunity for us to explore and solidify a relationship with our contact Dereje (pictured above, translating for Baruch).

Up to this point, Dereje has been our contact in Ethiopia. While meeting with him, he expressed that he would like to participate in the work of and be our Team Leader in Ethiopia. He has already been translating materials for us, including 3 of Baruch’s books, and promoting our ministry.

Our Translation Leader, George Popa from Romania, came to Addis Ababa as well. He spent time training Dereje to add translation to videos. In addition to growing a video library of teaching in the Amharic language, Dereje will be organizing Pastor and leader training, administering and promoting a certificate program for leaders and continuing to add translation to videos.

Unfortunately, I fell ill while there and was not able to attend the meetings. I appreciate George taking the photos for this post.

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  1. Happy to hear about this initiative in Africa. There is a great need of sounding teaching of the Scriptures in this continent. As always, we will continue praying for guidance for brother Baruch and expansion for Thanks for sharing!

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