Excited to go to Ethiopia Again!

Next week we will be returning to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are looking forward to meeting with our team there and see how the work is progressing. Our connection with Ethiopia began with Baruch teaching at a Bible College. We have now formed a relationship with the director who is now translating Baruch’s written work into their language and we have provided a photocopier so that these can be copied and distributed in some of the areas where they do not have internet and perhaps no electricity.

This is a work very important to us and we will share more while we are there.

8 thoughts on “Excited to go to Ethiopia Again!”

  1. We thank God for you and your willingness to follow His call. Your teachings have blessed us more than you will ever know. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. 🙏

  2. Praise the Lord! That is awesome news! We will pray for both of you as well as all those who hear the Word and teachings !

  3. What a wonderful time that was in Ethiopia. Enjoyed the bible lessons. Have a blessed time. I am sure everyone is excited. Please give my regards to everyone there.

  4. I’m Praying for the team, the ground be made fertile and ready, and/or The fields are ripened and ready.
    Harvesters are few.

  5. Your ministry is amazing! Surely God is blessing the wonderful work you all do. Thank you for teaching God’s word; ALL of God’s word with nothing added or taken away.

  6. In a fancy shout out of praise of joy, peace and mercy be given through His streams of grace upon your arrival and through our your visit. Blessing in Christ!!

    Teresa Burke

  7. Rivka,
    Greetings from New Hampshire, USA. Bill and I are so excited for you and these precious souls in Ethiopia knowing they will soon hear Truth spoken. We will be praying for you all specifically for the plans of the enemy to be thwarted . Blessings on you all in the precious Name of Yeshua,
    Charlotte and Bill Gurney

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