Exciting Update!

Today we had a very important Zoom meeting with a few of our translators. We are very excited to have the German “voice” for our German outreach. We began the German outreach awhile ago and our videos with live translation will continue. Juan, our voice-over artist, has already begun to translate Baruch’s videos on the book of Mark. He and his wife, Vicky, are bringing to this work some very useful knowledge and ideas to help grow the ministry.

It was also very helpful to have Einstein, our Spanish voice, join the Zoom meeting. He has been working in voice-over work for years and was able to share his expertise as well.

This week, Baruch also taped 2 teachings with our new French “voice” Willy. He lives in Paris and did an excellent job. We are so blessed to have him.

We ask that you would pray with us for our new translators, Juan and Willy. We praise G-d for His provision as we continue to produce more Bible teaching in additional languages.

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