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View from my walk the other day.

It just came to me today as I was listening to a podcast about travel that many people choose to look anywhere for truth rather than the Bible and its Author.  For some it is out of rebellion, for others it is due to ignorance.

On this particular podcast, the person being interviewed mentions that an author he admires never embraced any particular religion but believed if we do good, that is what is important.  This person agreed with that and promotes that thought. Of course we know that we are saved only through accepting the shed blood of Yeshua for our sins.  However, many believers today have minimized our responsibility (and privilege) to do mitzvot (good deeds) BECAUSE we are saved.  As we conform closer and closer to Messiah, this should be a natural outcome.  However, so as to not seem legalistic, many believers don’t even like to talk about doing good works.

There is also a blog I read which is by a non-believer.  She has some good vlogging tips and I like to watch her videos.  She, with just a high school education, has written a book about relationships and has set herself up as an “expert.”  With the ability of anyone to create a blog, you tube channel, etc., right and left people are setting themselves up as experts.  We need to be very careful who we listen to for advice.

Today many people are searching for meaning and truth.  They realize that the times are different than in the past.  We see prophecy being fulfilled now and for those who do not know and recognize, it must be very frightening.  We need to be in the Word.  We need to be studying prophecy and help people to understand G-d’s plan.  This is a great opportunity for us to share our Hope with those who are frightened, lost, confused.


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