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Picture taken recently while out on my daily walk.  Yes, in January!

There is a blog which I visit regularly.  It is not from a believing perspective, but I visit it to see what blogging techniques she uses (vlogging, etc.) to see how to improve this blog. (Yes, I am hoping to do some vlogging at some point in the future.)  Recently on her blog she posted a saying which I found to be very disturbing, but yet is a common belief:  “What you believe becomes your truth.”

This is the trend today.  What you want to believe, follow, feel, etc., is right “for you.”  How many times have you heard that?  I have been burdened lately, as I discuss the End Times with Baruch, how there must be a culture of “spirituality” during that time, or why would the anti-christ come into the temple and declare himself god?  That must be on the radar of the people, right?

Today I hear so many people say that they are spiritual.  What does that mean?  To me, from what I hear, is that they have set up a “god” in their lives which makes them comfortable, affirms what they want affirmed, and doesn’t ever contradict what they want.  I even hear teachers today on Christian television saying that G-d wants you to be successful, G-d wants your plans to succeed, etc.  Now many Christians are incorporating this idea that G-d is here to serve us!  We should be submitting to HIS will for our lives, not the other way around!  Anything else is idolatry.

We need to remember that TRUTH is not on some type of sliding scale which can be manipulated into what we want.  I am reminded of one of my favorite Bible verses:

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.”     Revelation 19:11

Who is Faithful and True?  YESHUA!  Anyone/Everyone at some point will disappoint us and let us down.  But not HIM!  He is always faithful.  And He is TRUE.  What does that mean?  Everything in the Scripture is 100% true and we can trust Him fully to KEEP His Word.  His word is TRUTH…not what the world says is truth, or anyone else, but HE is TRUE and all truth lies in Him alone.

Let’s reflect on the fact that what the world says is truth is not truth.  We must be immersed in the Word of G-d to know what truth really is.  Anything not in line with the Scriptures is not truth.

2 thoughts on “Faithful and True”

  1. Oh. Beautiful picture. I so love to think of the beauty, love and justice of G-d’s Kingdom and because I chose King Yeshua (the Truth, not being held back) I will someday walk in His Kingdom. Until then I honor G-d’s word in praying for all the sin in this world, yet, because He is my G-d, I keep hold of Him and enjoy the beauty of Him in this world. Safara

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